300V 10W40 100% Synthetic Engine Oil – 1 Litre

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Key Features of Motul 300V 10W40 100% Synthetic Engine Oil
10W-40 synthetic petrol engine oil
Recommended for high-performance bikes and all race bikes
Maximizes engine power output with its ESTER core technology
100% synthetic motor oil
0% shear loss on Bosch test
Available in 1 and 4-litre bottles
Suitable for 4-stroke Motocross or Road Racing bikes with or without converters
First motor oil to introduce ester oils for Motorsports
Increases engine life and performance above existing standards
Optimal performance and lubricity thanks to Double Ester Technology
Noticeable improvement in pickup and smoothness in your bike
High lubricity offers better protection to bikes from wear and tear
Generates maximum power in bike thanks to its friction modifiers
Offers a long drain interval
Drain Period: 3500km
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