Arrow Full System Exhaust Pro-Race 3/4 System

Model: Pro-Race 3/4 System


Pro-Race silencers design comes from the first prototypes made for MotoGP. Pro-Race silencers are built putting together a conical-shaped part (the main body of the silencer) with a cylindrical ending section (98 mm diameter) and these are available in titanium or nichrom (a stainless steel alloy).

  • The silencers are secured to the bike by means of mounts welded to the main body (most models).
  • Their cone-shaped design provides a reduction of dimensions and weight, but it also reduces the overall volume of the exhaust, thus limiting noise damping capabilities and the application on bigger or demanding engines.
  • Pro-Race silencers are available both in a street legal and racing versions, with a removable baffle.
  • 3/4 System includes the Arrow stainless steel catalytic eliminator Mid-pipe for use with Arrow exhaust.
Price: 75,596.00
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