Arrow Full System Exhaust Works Competition EVO

Model: Works Competition EVO


Competition exhausts are designed and developed specially for bikes and engines tuned for races, on the basis of the experience made in track races all over the world: These exhausts are a direct evolution of the ones used in SBK and SS bikes.

  • Competition exhausts are made with the deepest attention to details, they ensure to exploit - with the best possible efficiency - engines tuned for races: Bigger sections, section changes finely designed and shaped, special silencers, top-quality materials.
  • These exhausts are welded manually (TIG process) and are available in a "full titanium" version or with collectors and manifolds in stainless steel and silencer and link pipe in titanium.
  • In all cases, a built-in sensor plug is available, to be able to check ECU settings and make necessary modifications if needed.
  • The sections of the various silencers available give the best performance and the best compromise between performance, dimensions and noise (noise must meet race rules limits).
  • Style is completed with the carbon end cap and the silencer, depending on application, can be fitted with a removable baffle.
  • Competition exhausts are the top-level exhausts in the market, for style, technology and performance.

Works Silencers:

A carbon end cap is the distinctive component for the Works silencers, a range of exhausts designed and developed for sportbikes.

  • Available with a titanium canister, Works silencer can also be fitted to Arrow header pipes.
  • Their cone-shaped design ensures good performance while keeping noise under control.
  • As with other Arrow products, quality and materials are at the top, including the Arrow Works among the highest-level products coming from Arrow.
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