Different Types of Motorcycle Helmets

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Different Types of Motorcycle Helmets

Different Types Of Helmet:

Helmets are as essential as the fuel. Yes it is! Helmets are the most useful safety gear that a rider can wear for their own safety. Our head is the most important part of our body and helmet saves that thing from any bad incident, so there is no alternative of wearing helmet to protect ourselves. Most of us now becoming aware of this gear and wearing helmet, but sometimes we become confused while choosing the best one for us. There are several types of Helmet available at the local market. And form bellow the lines we will try to provide some information about different sort of helmets. Hope this article will help you guys which helmet you want to wear for your own ride and what are the types and advantages.

Half Helmet

It looks like a cap actually and popular for cruiser bike riders, or vintage bikers.Thishelmet will cover your head, normally from the top of your forehead to about halfway down the back of your head. There is a system of locking the chin with belts on both sides. It might save your head in small incidents, but your ears and other portion of the head remain unclosed wearing this helmet. So, for those who prefer heavy riding this helmet is not for them. You might try this helmet with scoters, or riding in local areas. But for the highways, or off roads they are not that much helpful indeed, because they don’t have any visor.


- Light weight
- Comfortable padding
- Good for city rides

- Less protection
- No visor.

Open Face Helmet

This type of helmets are effective enough in terms of protection. This helmet covers about three-quarters of the head. In foreign countries, there is no protection in front, but in our country, the transparent plastic cover on the front protects the eyes and face from the dust and sand coming from the front. When compared to full faces, open face helmets are structurally equal in terms of safety. That is, the shells often use the same composites and padding for impact resistance.In winter, air flow bothers under the chin, it is a bit of nuisance and does not protect the chin part in an accident, which was urgent.



- Excellent Air flow
- Comfortable and stylish
- Good Visibility


- In winter, or rainy season riding becomes trouble
- More noise on speed

Full Face Helmet

The perfect helmet among all helmet types. This sort of helmet covers up the whole head and protects you in any situation. The size of the front transparent plastic lid or glass is slightly smaller than the open face helmet. External noise / dirt enters less. However, for ventilation inside the helmet, there are 2/1 holes in the front of the helmet which can be opened or closed. This type of helmet may be less comfortable in summer, but comfortable enough in winter. Overall protection is perfect, but sometimes riding with it requires experience.



- Aerodynamic
- Sporty look
- Less noise
- Perfect protection
- Quiet riding experience


- Larger in size
- Front vision space is smaller

Modular Helmet/ Flip Up Helmet:

One of the interesting type of helmet, because it can be called a combination of open face and full face helmet. The front chin protection part and the whole part including the glass can be folded up or removed. The same helmet has the advantage of open face and full face. Since the lower part can be folded up and removed, it is not like a full face in terms of safety, but a little less. If necessary, the front part can be removed, which is not possible in full face. Air ventilation is good enough and looks stylish. So, if you are used to of full face helmets, thus you want to have a half face helmet for the summer, this is definitely your choice.



- 2 in 1 helmet (Full face & open face)
- Protection, Comfort and safety
- Better for any weather riding


- Relatively heavy
- Comparing to full face more noisy

Off-Road Helmet/ Cross Helmet:

Like the full face, the chin has protection but it is more extended. The top of the head also has a shed extending to the front. The front usually does not have clear plastic or glass, but off-road riders use a special type of goggles instead. It is better not to use this type of helmet on a normal road, as it does not provide the necessary safety on a normal road. However, the protection is perfect and air ventilation is ideal. These helmets are mostly seen in the track of Motocross race.



- Light weight
- Perfect ventilation
- More Breathing space as a full face type


- No visor
- Less comfortable
- Not for regular use

Dual Sport Helmet:

The combination of full face and off-road helmet is a dual sport helmet. This is basically for those who like off-road helmets and want benefits like full face. The front face has a transparent cover like a full face, as well as an off-road helmet with an extension to the chin and the front of the head to provide extra protection. Like the flip on helmets this is the other combined helmet made for the sporty bike riders.



- Comfortable and looks like off road helmet
- Comes with a visor
- Light in weight and good ventilation


- Not for riding in the heat

To wrap it up, all these helmets have different benefits and versatile use. We will suggest for regular use full face and Flip on helmets are perfect. Though it depends on someone’s own choice and riding type. However, different manufacturers prepare these helmets with their own design so some types may vary according in their own designing pattern, but the core features will remain the same.


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