Engine Oil Types and Advantages-Disadvantages

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Engine Oil Types and Advantages-Disadvantages

What is Engine Oil?

Before knowing about the types of engine oil, one must first know what is engine oil? Engine oil used to keep the engine of the motorcycle slippery, so that the parts of the engine move easily, it keeps the engine cool, refines all the small dirt that is stored by running the engine and let the engine run properly to get the right output. Although in our country Engine oil is known as Mobil. Mobil is actually a brand name of engine oils. This brand is so popular and well known in our country that renamed the engine oil as Mobil. Engine oil is also known by a few more names such as motor oil, or engine lubricant etc.

Type of engine oil:

There are 3 types of engine oils in our country

1. Mineral engine oil
2. Semi-synthetic engine oil
3. Synthetic engine oil

Let us now discuss the types of engine oilin detail.

1. Mineral engine oil

Mineral engine oil is obtained by refining raw oil from nature. Mineral engine oil is cheaper, because no other chemicals are added. However, it cannot be used for a long time, but the engine is able to meet the demand. It is better to change this engine oil after every 900 to 1000 km on a motorcycle.


-          Cheaper in price

-          Easily obtainable & easy to find


-          Requires changing in a regular basis

-          Extreme heat, or cold are not suitable weather for this oil

-          Not for the best performance

-          It can damage the engine parts, if not being changed after a certain time

-          Little bit of extra noise provided from the engine

-          Not refined in the highest technology

2. Semi-synthetic engine oil

Semi-synthetic is also called synthetic blend. It is made from a mixture of minerals and synthetics, but the amount of synthetics in the mixture is never more than 30%. It is used to take advantage of synthetic oils, but in a cheaper price. Motul first introduced it in 1966.


-          At least you will get a bit of synthetic flavor.

-          It protects the engine just like a synthetic engine oil

-          Good performance comparing to Mineral Engine oil

-          Lower in price than synthetic


-          Due to the high mineral content, it is less effective in high temperature or cold weather

-          Not refined in the highest technology

3. Synthetic engine oil

The engine oil is refined by the highest technology and made usable. Here every particle is the same size, so that it can penetrate any part of the engine very well and multiply the performance and efficiency of the engine.

Synthetic oil can start its work right from the start of the engine. Whereas mineral oil takes some time to spread evenly throughout the engine to be equally effective, where synthetic oil can start working quickly.

 Synthetic oil reduces the fuel consumption of the Motorcycle. Mineral oil takes some time for the engine to start and work. At this time the motorcycle gets comparatively less speed and due to the higher concentration of oil the friction between the parts and engine oil inside the engine is higher. Synthetic oils, on the other hand, are equally effective at every moment. As a result, fuel consumption is lower.


-          Extraordinarily effective

-          Lubricants are very effective even at low temperatures

-          Keeps the engine cool even at high temperatures

-          Cleans engine dirt nicely

-          Protects from accumulated harmful substances

-          Increases engine efficiency

-          Equally effective at all temperatures from low to high

-          Increases engine stability by reducing friction inside the engine

-          Equally effective in maximum chemical reactions

-          It is less likely to evaporate in extreme heat.

-          Stays effective for a long time.

-          Oil molecules are exactly the same as each other


-          The price is high

-          There is less guarantee of getting the right quality thing in the market

-          Many people do not have the right idea about effectiveness

-          Low cc bike users are less interested in synthetic oil and low cc bike users are more in our country

Lastly, the guru will advise you to use the engine oil keeping in mind, what kind of engine oil you will use on your bike, what kind of engine oil will be affordable for you and the bike.

Guru Guide:

Remember, always use mineral engine oils when you bought a new bike and the break in Period is not over yet. Change the engine oil frequently when your bike is in bran-in period, it is necessary for your bikes engine. On that note using synthetic oils will not be a good option, because it will cost you much, so try to use synthetic after 3000 kilometers if you want to. Hope your bike engine oil perform better and effectively.


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