How to clean helmet visor?

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How to clean helmet visor?

Helmets are an integral part of bike riding. One of the main parts of a helmet is its visor (transparent plastic on the front) which helps us to see anything in front of us, as well as protects our eyes from sand particles, mud, dirty water etc. on the road, so that it does not get into our eyes and skin. Keeping the visor (transparent plastic on the front) of the helmet clean can protect it against stains or abrasions. The visor of the helmet can be taken care of only by following some simple rules. Let's find out how to take care of the visor of your helmet, and keep it clean.

A few things to do for taking care of the visor:

- Many visors are fastened with screws on both sides. If you want, you can take it off and soak it in warm water and wipe it gently with a soft tissue, or fabric.

- If the amount of oily things or dirt seems high, you can gently wipe it off with a soft tissue by soaking it for a while with a low-alkaline shampoo, such as a baby shampoo. In complex areas where it is not possible to wipe with a tissue, you can use a soft cotton bar, or fabric.

- To wipe the visor of the helmet, you can leave some soft tissue under the seat or in the tool box.

- After riding on dusty or muddy roads, go home and wash the visor first with water and when the dirt is clean, clean the visor with a soft cloth. In no case the visor can be cleaned by leaving dirt into it.

- Try to keep the visor clean with Visor Cleaner once a week.

A few things not to do for taking care of the visor:

Since the visor is an important part of a helmet, this visor cannot be rubbed or damaged in any way. Just as it is difficult to see with a rubbed visor, it is difficult to ride a bike at night, especially when the light from a car, or a big vehicle coming from the front you cannot seen anything because of those scars or rubbed areas. This type of situation can push you towards a fatal accident.

So let's find out what we cannot do to clean the visor?

- If the visor has been scrubbed for various reasons, do not wipe or clean the visor using damaged cotton or more rough cloth, or dirty cloth.

- Do not clean over any dirt. The mark will fall off.

- Do not put the helmet on the looking glass, it usually loses color when it falls and does the most damage to the visor.

- Do not use petroleum products such as petrol, kerosene, engine oil etc. Do not use furniture / glass cleaners such as Mr. Brushow.

- Do not wipe the visor with the cloth you use to wipe the bike by mistake, even if it is in danger, because there are a lot of small dust particles.

Finally, before you ride check the visor of your helmet, make sure there is no dust anywhere and after returning home after the ride, if you have time, wash the visor thoroughly and when it is a little dry, clean it with a soft cloth. Because, if this visor is not clean you will not be able to ride comfortably and at night you will not see anything perfectly in front of you, when the headlights of bus, trucks, or other vehicles coming from the opposite direction on the highway you will be flashed.

Guru Guide: If you see extreme scars, or more stains on the visor, it is safe to replace it.


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