How to identify best quality Helmets?

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How to identify best quality Helmets?

Helmet is a very necessary gear for a biker. Yes! A helmet is a sort of gear that provides maximum protection to all riders for their own safety. Our head is the most important part of our body and the helmet protects that from any mishap, so there is no alternative of wearing a helmet to protect yourself. Most of the riders are now aware about this gear and they started wearing helmets, but sometimes we get confused when we have to choose the best for us. Many people wear helmets only because they can get rid of traffic sergeant, but those helmets are not worth of protecting from any sides. Wearing a good quality certified helmet can ensure your own safety, as well as protecting your head from the cold in the winter, or on a rainy day. Today we will discuss how to identify a good quality helmet.
Before identifying good quality helmets, let us know the types of helmets

- Half helmet

- Open face helmet

- Full face helmet

- Modular helmet / flip up helmet

- Off road helmet / cross helmet

- Dual sports helmet
Identify good helmets by looking at the materials and padding
The first way to recognize a good quality helmet is its materials. Most helmets are usually made of a good quality fiber-glass blend, and the upper edges are made of carbon composite and Kevlar. There is no guarantee of those helmets, which are made of plastic and it will break anytime. Since the helmet has to be used for a long time, it is important to see if the inner padding can be removed and cleaned, besides the weight of the helmet is light enough.
Identify good helmets by it certification
A good quality helmet must be certified, because it is tested by companies in a variety of ways to make sure it is suitable for rider use. ECE, DOT, Snell should be checked to see if they are certified. ECE's stands for the Economic Commission for Europe, DOT's stands for Department of Transportation, Snell is a private non-profit organization that controls the strict quality of helmets. Snell Certified and verifies the quality of helmets through strict quality control from other certification and this voluntary organization has been working for many years on helmet quality control. So, when you buy a good quality helmet, you must check whether it is certified or not. ECE, DOT are more noticeable in most helmets in our country, so be sure to check the certification before identifying quality helmets.

 Identify a good helmet based on comfort
A good quality Helmet comes with a well-ventilated airing system that will keep your helmet and head cool on a hot day. If the ventilation system is good, the bike rider does not feel uncomfortable wearing the helmet for a long time in the sun as well as they face no problem in breathing. So before buying a good quality helmet, you must check the air ventilation system of the helmet, so that you do not feel uncomfortable to ride and wear the helmet for a long time. Thus, before buying a good quality helmet, choose the perfect size helmet according to the air ventilation system of that helmet and the size of your head.
Recognize a good helmet by looking at the visor
One of the main parts of a helmet is its visor (transparent plastic on the front), which helps us to see anything in front of us as well as protects us from sand particles, mud, dirty water etc. on the road. Consequentlyyour eyes and skin remains safe. The visor of a good quality helmet will also be good in quality. This visor prevents dust particles, rain water, mud, etc. from getting in the face, which is why a good quality helmet visor must be checked to see if it is better in quality. On the other hand, in winter, it is seen that the visor of the helmet gets wet and foggy in the fog, which is a serious risk for riding. Also check if you have anti-fog visor with good quality helmet.
Identify good helmet style, coverage area and fittings
We all more or less want to use a stylish good quality helmet. Helmets are noticed by many while riding a bike and it conveys a sense of awareness for bikers. Magnificently designed helmets are more acceptable to youngsters, while classy designs and good color combination designs are more acceptable to middle-aged riders. It is entirely up to you to decide, which style or color of helmet to wear. So no matter which helmet you buy, you must check the style, color combination and quality of your choice before buying it.
On the other hand coverage area is essential for purchasing helmets. You will use a helmet to protect your head and check how much coverage area that helmet is able to create on the head. Full face helmets protect the head, nose and eyes, so you must choose a full face coverage helmet before buying a helmet. Meanwhile, it is a matter of seeing if it fits with your head, because if it does not fit with your head, it can fall off your head with a slight push and when you ride on a broken road, you have to move the helmet over your head, which is very annoying for a rider, so make sure if it fits your head.
Find good quality helmets by looking at the price
In our country, good quality certified helmets cost more than ordinary helmets. Many people are looking for certified good quality helmets at low prices and there are many people who say that whatever the price, good quality helmets will be the main thing. What kind of helmet can you buy in the market depending on the budget? The price of a good quality helmet in our country starts from TK 3500 to more than TK 5,000. We buy helmets according to his budget and needs. Certified helmets should not be expected at low prices as the price of certified helmets starts from an elegant standard. So buy the helmet of your choice according to the budget and demand.          
The most sensitive part of our body is our brain, which has to deal with various problems including loss of life as soon as it is injured. And in the case of motorcycle rides, a helmet is a very important gear to protect this head from injury. Many people say that if the wheel of a big vehicle goes over the helmet, the helmet will be unharmed, that should be the protection, but the main point of all is that this helmet will prevent you from getting hit in the head during a bike accident it cannot save all the time if you are out of luck. So before buying a bike, you must have a budget for the helmet and buy a good quality helmet.


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